Dive into the Wisdom of the Heart.

Upcoming Events:

April 9-13, 2018 Kingfisher Oceanside Resort

Vancouver Island, BC Canada


Registration details will be posted soon


The Circle of Love Gathering inspires, nourishes, and deepens our connection to each other, the planet, and to all that is Sacred.

Whether you are just beginning or have long been on your spiritual journey, The Circle of Love provides an oasis for the soul.  It offers spiritual nourishment outside of a traditional religious framework and combines ample opportunity for introspection/meditation with inspiring talks, music, workshops, and experiential engagement.


The Circle of Love is  a three to four day event that invites participants into a direct experience of love by developing

  • Awareness (body/mind/spirit)
  • Connection (to self, Source, and nature) and
  • Expression (movement, art, and music.)

It is a joy filled gathering that unfolds in a beautiful environment to deepen into  the authentic Self.

Music, meditation, time in nature, writing (personal journals), movement, laughter, and inspired mentors  nourish the soul. 

Though the locations vary, each event brings its unique beauty,  featured musicians and presenters, and every Circle of Love experience is a gift to the heart/mind/spirit.

Join us!


“Step out of the circle of time and step in to the circle of love.” – Rumi