Lisa Ferraro and Erika Luckett

There's a time when distinctions between categories fade and what matters is whether music stirs the deepest part of our being.  Lisa Ferraro and Erika Luckett's music reaches into the heart and wakes us to what is most extraordinary within.  Each artist possesses remarkable skills, and together a synergy emerges that moves beyond the sum of two voices and one guitar.  Call it "Sonic Nourishment" or "New Music for a New Millennium" it's simply extraordinary music for extraordinary times.  Experience the wonder!


Gary Lynn Floyd

Gary Lynn Floyd is a singer/songwriter whose deep connection to Spirit is infused in every note he sings and plays. His smile lights up every room as his music fill hearts to overflowing, and as such, is a treasured part of the Circle of Love music team. He was four years old when he began picking out melodies on the piano, and he’s been making music ever since. His soulful blend of pop, country, and R&B has been critically acclaimed, and the Dallas Observer says, “his original ballads pound with soul and fire”. Gary's song "Unbound" was recently named the theme song for the Global Women's Empowerment Network (, and subsequently won the 2012 Hollywood Music in Media award for Adult Contemporary/AAA.

Amy Bishop

Amy Bishop

"Delicious, smooth, powerfully passionate and ever exciting, Canadian singer/songwriter Amy Bishop’s music will captivate, delight and completely blow you away." -Science of Mind Magazine


This Canadian treasure offers a treasure trove of songs with a huge voice that's only outdone by the size of her heart. From a velvet to grit, she delivers her songs and leaves listeners smiling and covered in goose bumps. Amy has collaborated with Moby, opened for April Wine, Farmer's Daughter and Chris Cummings, while her intuitive musical prowess has become the stuff of local legend. This passionate singer has an instinctive ability to craft stories into song and deliver them with the sincerity and passion of a best friend - qualities that make Amy an undeniable Canadian talent.

Amy was born a singer and grew into a songwriter through a lifetime of experience. She puts it all together in engaging performances that show off her range and power delivering rollicking "ain't life grand" road songs, soulful versions of love-gone-wrong ballads, and folk-based acoustic numbers that allow her naked vocal beauty to shine through. 


special guest JAMI LULA

A spirited and passionate singer, Jami Lula, joins Gary Lynn Floyd as a special guest.

"Jami Lula shares his gifts through his authentic expression of music, his relationship with God, and his ability to empower kids to deeply love each other—and themselves." - Kristin McGuirk in Science of Mind Magazine

It is a joy to welcome Jami to this year's Circle of Love Atlanta!