MANDALA WORKSHOP: Awaken Divine Creativity! - Kathy Rausch

Creativity mentor and author of “Activate Divine Creativity: The Life-Changing Magic of the Mandala,” Kathy Rausch helps women and men become mindful and find joy in their everyday lives. She attributes the creative process of the mandala to saving her life as she was burning out from too much left brain work and exhaustion. Teaching others to doodle mandalas brings Kathy great joy and helps balance her life, she hopes others will get a sense of balance and joy from the process as well. Kathy has been painting, drawing, doodling, and creating mandalas of all kinds since 2000.

LAUGHTER YOGA - Michelle Fought

Michelle Fought is a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and Happiness Coach. Author of “Make Laughter Your Drug of Choice”, Fought is an inspirational speaker and Big Bold Happiness workshop facilitator. Her heart-felt mission is to engage, encourage, and empower her audiences to laugh more, stress less, and MAKE happiness their lifestyle of choice.

Join Michelle Fought and learn how you can create a BIG, Bold, Happy life! Participants will experience a creative and playful way to decrease their stress and increase their “Joy Rising” factor using Laughter Yoga. Laughter Yoga creates an eye-to-eye, heart-to-heart community by combining yoga breathing, stretching, and rhythmic clapping with imaginative laughter exercises. Laughter is contagious and has a powerful, immediate effect that will leave you feeling energetic and uplifted for the rest of your day. Make sure you dress comfortably, bring water, and leave your yoga mat at home.