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Royal Way Spiritual Center, Southern California, March 28- 31, 2019

Music, Meditation, Spiritual Workshops, Mandala Workshops

With Dr. David Leonard, Lisa Ferraro, Amy Steinberg, Gary Lynn Floyd, Mark Accomando, Kathy Rausch

This event is dedicated to our Angel of Love, Erika Luckett. Her spirit of deep love and bright light are with us always.

“Out beyond the ideas of right thinking and wrong thinking, there is a Field.  When the soul lies down in that Field, words are unnecessary, even the idea “each other” does not exist.  I will meet you there.”  ~ Rumi

Meet us in this Field of pure awareness, the vast and spacious Love of the Universe.  As we make an intention to have a quiet heart and a clear eye we naturally expand and open to That Love and Light that is always there.  We entrain our hearts to each other and discover anew the ancient yet imminent Presence in which we all abide and exist, seemingly separate but essentially One.

We offer a direct experience through this RENDEZVOUS WITH LOVE
Dedicated to Erika Luckett and the luminous gifts she brought to this worldly experience.

Through a total immersion meditation experience, we return to this Field that Rumi pointed to.  Set your intention to join us. Commit to the Love that you are.  Practice being what you are and seeing with the eyes of love.

 “Love sees only love, and only love sees love.” ~ Ernest Holmes

Please rendezvous with us as we return to the Source of our Being and the Heart of Love.

David Leonard

Inspired teacher and speaker, Dr. Rev. David Leonard, embodies heart-centered living.

As a courageous example of authentic being and co-director of the Circle of Love Gathering, he has guided thousands of students across North America on a Spirit-centered journey.  Currently, he is the senior minister at the Center for Spiritual Living in Huntsville, Alabama.

Lisa Ferraro

Lisa Ferraro has been singing since the age of three.

As a child, she heard vibrations emanating from flowers and trees, symphonies ringing from the garden, and she sang constantly to express what she heard. She grew up singing in churches, where she was known as “the little redhead that could sing.

Lisa has a distinct vocal style which is soulful, powerful and warm, with a vocal range that extends over four and a half octaves. In performance, she tries to connect with the audience individually and personally. “We co-create my performances,” she says, “so that no two are exactly alike.

Experience our amazing, spiritual and talented partners. More will be announced as we get closer to the retreat.

Gary Lynn Floyd

Gary Lynn Floyd is an American singer-songwriter who connects straight to the heart and lifts up a room with his inspirational lyrics and soulful style.

He sings deep and meaningful music and shares these songs like a gift to audiences across the country. His style is a mix of pop, rhythm, and blues, combining silky vocals with powerful lyrics.

It is Gary’s openness to divine inspiration that fuels his endless supply of musical
ideas create his heart-opening lyrics and is the light that shines through his
performances. With his piano and microphone, Gary is a catalyst for positive
change and raises the collective vibration not only through his music but also
through his welcoming presence on stage.

Kathy Rausch

Mandala Artist, Workshop Facilitator and Public Speaker and Author of “Activate Divine Creativity: The Life-Changing Magic of the Mandala”

Kathy wrote, “Activate Divine Creativity: The Life-Changing Magic of the Mandala” to help women and men become mindful and find joy in their everyday lives.

Teaching others to doodle mandalas brings Kathy great joy and helps balance her life, she hopes others will get a sense of balance and joy from the process as well.

Kathy has been painting, drawing, doodling, and creating mandalas of all kinds since 2000. She is a guest speaker and artist at retreats and conferences around the world bringing the magic of community art and mandalas to the attendees.

All attendees will receive a copy of her book, learn to draw their own mandala and be a part of a GIANT community mandala created just for Circle of Love.

Mark Accomando

Mark Accomando graduated from The Center For Spiritual Living  (CSL) Ministerial Program in 2001 and now is an ordained minister. He currently serves the Palm Springs Spiritual Center as Staff Minister and former Senior Minister and Director of the Center for Spiritual Living in Raleigh, North Carolina. He also served as an Assistant Staff Minister in Chicago during his three-year internship, Spiritual Director of Family and Youth programs at CSL Palm Desert, and as Director of teen programs at annual Center for Spiritual Living conferences.

In 2011 Mark founded Evoke Peace Now with an intended focus to work with inpatient and outpatient addiction recovery treatment facilities. Working along with the clinic advice of the CEO and Clinical Staff of Michaels House Residential Treatment Center, Mark wrote an evidenced-based curriculum called Spiritual Education in Recovery. Mark most recently completed Marsha Linehan’s Ph.D. DBT Skills Course focused on the four pillars of DBT Skills including Mindfulness, Emotion Regulation, Interpersonal Effectiveness, and Distress Tolerance.


Each retreat is unique with a mixture of the spiritual warriors you see below. We work with the very best musicians, speakers, artists, poets, and workshop facilitators. 

“The Circle of Love Gathering is a joyous and warm experience of friends, consciousness, music, depth, connection and freedom.  There is something special and a bit hard to define that is completely nourishing to the soul.”

Dr. Kathy Hearn

“Save this time to retreat, allowing all the walls and all the doing to cease. This time is designed for you simply to reveal what is already within, so you may deeply experience and recognize your True Essential Self: The Self that knows no walls and is free. This True Self arises and shines when we take the time to nurture, cultivate and celebrate it! When you return home, you naturally share the heart that has been awakened!”

Rev. Mark Accomando

“I have never been to an event that has changed me so intensely for the good. The combination of professional, spiritual music, speakers, workshops and mandala art was powerful. I left on such a spiritual high that I knew I would come back again and again. I woke up singing many of the songs I heard for months. I made friends from all over. Don’t miss this opportunity to awaken your heart and deepen the love in your soul.

Kathy Rausch

From Gary Lynn Floyd