Circle of Love evolved from Center for Spiritual Living’s Conference, nourishing hearts and minds for over forty years. Let music, nature, laughter and inspired teachers open the doors to your awakened heart.

Upcoming Schedule

Circle of Love Gatherings are held at different locations around North America. Each location has been chosen for its mystical setting in nature and ability to provide high vibrational areas to gather our sacred guests for meditation, meals, music, art, movement, and workshops.



Each retreat is unique with a mixture of the spiritual warriors you see below. We work with the very best musicians, speakers, artists, poets, and workshop facilitators. 

“The Circle of Love Gathering is a joyous and warm experience of friends, consciousness, music, depth, connection and freedom.  There is something special and a bit hard to define that is completely nourishing to the soul.”
Dr. Kathy Hearn
“Save this time to retreat, allowing all the walls and all the doing to cease. This time is designed for you simply to reveal what is already within, so you may deeply experience and recognize your True Essential Self: The Self that knows no walls and is free. This True Self arises and shines when we take the time to nurture, cultivate and celebrate it! When you return home, you naturally share the heart that has been awakened!”
Rev. Mark Accomando
“I have never been to an event that has changed me so intensely for the good. The combination of professional, spiritual music, speakers, workshops and mandala art was powerful. I left on such a spiritual high that I knew I would come back again and again. I woke up singing many of the songs I heard for months. I made friends from all over. Don’t miss this opportunity to awaken your heart and deepen the love in your soul.
Kathy Rausch

From Gary Lynn Floyd